Massage and Treatments

Relaxing Massages

Back and Neck…….. 3o min 30€
Full body relaxing massage…. 6o min 50€  

Thai Massages 

Classical Thai Yoga Massage /Relaxing Thai Massage Classical Thai north style treatment with stretching done in clothes or with oil. It includes reflexology and works with meridians or energy pathways and releases muscle pain, normalizes blood pressure lowers stress and restores energy balance. 

Anti-age Head and Face treatment Applies special Chinese technique releases tensions in tendon helmet (aponeurosis), facial muscles and the muscles connected with the face.


3o min 35 € 6o min 50 € 90 min 70€

Lymphatic Drainage (anti cellulite)

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Full Body Scan 

With a Full Body Scan will we can assess our body’s • functions and clarify the state of organs, internal systems and levels of general wellbeing. The method allows the identification of a number of diseases and body conditions like:

Parasites in the body • the causes of the disease and the state of the entire body • replaces the visit of 20 doctors • Gives results as if taking of 1500 tests


Parasite infestations / Depression and anxiety • Autoimmune diseases / Respiratory diseases • / Bronchial asthma • Cardiovascular Diseases / Diseases of kidneys and urinary system • Diseases of endocrine system / Lyme disease Frequent migraines / Dental problems • Digestive problems Skin-related issues / Neurological • disorders • Depressive conditions & more… 

The full body scan and therapy is to save time, money and nerves- try it out. 

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