Yoga is like an onion with many hidden layers, there are benefits within benefits within benefits that you get to discover the more you practice.

You’ve likely heard about some of the more commonly known, like increased bendiness and improved posture, but did you know yoga can also help with  increased strength, circulation and digestion, improved sleep quality, increased lung capacity, faster metabolism?…and these are only the physiological benefits!

It also decreases stress (a lot!), makes us less self centred, helps control the temper, makes us feel better about who we are, increases self esteem, and increases awareness of the world around us. And for those who fully embrace the lifestyle, it can even take you on a whole spiritual journey too. 

Here I’ve outlined a list of benefits you can look forward to when you welcome Yoga into your daily routine:

1. Helps to detoxify the body particularly during twisting postures such as ardha-matsyendrasana or half lord of the fishes

2. Increases concentration – as we take time to really focus during practice.

3. Makes us more intuitive – as we learn how to listen to our bodies and trust in how we feel

4. Increases our patience – through stretching and holding postures, we have to practice patience.

5. Enhances our creativity – as we learn to soften our minds and allow creative energy to flow

6. Improves our sex life – due to increased flexibility, increased energy, improved body image and increasing our ability to be mindful

7. Strengthens our immune function – due to improved lymphatic flow

8. Makes us more confident – the asana practice improves our body image and self-awareness.

So whether it’s physical fitness or shifting your perception of the world around you (or both) that attracts you to the practice of Yoga (whatever style resonates with you ) you’re likely to end up with a whole list of benefits you hadn’t even thought about too.

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Written by – Lorraine Ereira