You are stronger than ever

Connect to your highest truth

Interesting and challenging times we are facing right now. We have been given notice from the government here in Spain that we are in a state of emergency so Yoga Studios and places where people gather have been shut down for the next 15 days or more. These are challenging times because of this restriction on our free choice and free will to freely express ourselves. Interesting because it reinforces the ultimate search to go within ourselves. To go deeper within yourself and become stronger than ever before can lead you to connect to your highest truth.

Ancient wisdom for modern times

The Vedic wisdom of India is still applicable to this modern day and age. Thousands of years ago this wisdom was recorded and it is, at this current time, very relevant to remember it, especially in this worldwide virus pandemic. The Bhagavat Gita says (II:6)

“For one who has conquered the mind, the mind is the best of friends. But for one who has failed to do so, his mind will remain the greatest enemy.”

The mind can play many tricks on us, it is very good at that. The amount of mass media out there which is bombarding us with fear and paranoia about this situation is flooded with information and misinformation. We have to ask: What to believe, what not to believe? I believe it is of great importance right now to stop: stop looking out there for the answers and start looking inside yourself. You are stronger than ever.

Your inner Teacher and guide

What is right for you now can be determined by your own inner wisdom. You are your own great Teacher. It is time to believe and connect to your highest truth and wisdom. We must take a step back and think, what is important here? The body will go through its many challenges. But what is most powerful? The mind, a clear and steady mind can steer you through these times of struggle. Love, a loving heart can open you up to your true potential.What is going on out there, we are not in control of that. Yet we have this incredible ability to tune in to ourselves. To go deep within and reach that mysterious soulful place inside each and every one of us. Yes, we are the physical body for now, but we are so much more than that. We are infinite spirit, soul beings, who are in this body for the time being, but as we all know the time we have here in this body is a temporary arrangement. The Bhagavat Gita says (II:24),

“The individual soul is unbreakable and insoluble. Can neither be burned nor dried. The soul is everlasting, present everywhere, unchangeable, immovable and eternal.”

Mantra Kirtan and satsang

Coming home to your original eternal self, remembering and tuning in to your highest truth within. This is a wonderful opportunity to remember that the original source of all Yoga lives within you, in each and every breath that you take. Chanting Mantra is a powerful Yoga practise of bringing you right back to that inner place. It does not require any previous experience and does not expect you to sign up to any particular thing. 

It is universal sound vibration, names and forms of the divine one truth. Accessible to all of us no matter what our race, religion or no religion. This is a practise that has uplifted and inspired people for many thousands of years. In all ancient traditions the coming together to sing and dance and celebrate is a universal and enlightening way to spend time together. We have kirtan mantra and satsang gatherings to help encourage each other to develop the mind/body/soul connection, your highest truth.

Mantra if we look at the Sanskrit word, we see that there are two main parts.

Man = Mind/heart 

Tra = Trayam = To liberate protect and set free

Mantra in effect is the practise that liberates, protects and sets free our minds and hearts. What a better time, more than ever, that we should band together in this Yogic practise of chanting to shield our minds from all that is happening and is yet to come. If we cannot be physically together because of the restrictions we face right now then let us chant together connected by our minds and hearts, which are powerful beyond measure. We can create world peace from within the home of our heart.

I invite you to join us in chanting for the upliftment of our own minds and hearts and to vibrate at such a level that we are spreading loving awareness right from our very own homes to all the people suffering right now. Take a deep breath, tune in and begin right now. Remember you are stronger than ever. I will leave you with this poem that I wrote a couple of nights ago.

We have always had it
But it becomes hidden
Everyone is looking for it
The precious jewel of love
The ecstatic joy of discovering bliss
In everyone’s heart a sacred tryst
Holding universal power 
In every single breath
Deep inside the cosmic embrace
It is time to face
The ultimate reality
To see clearly 
Who you were born to be
Love light, star bright and free