Retreats Program

During much of the year we will have a wide variety of retreats and workshops and thus be able to benefit from a greater vitality and joy in your life while reconnecting with nature through Yoga on the beach, walking excursions on the beach or our tours of golf and yoga, kitesurf and yoga, yoga, adventure and trekking and much more.Our workshops and retreats include daily Yoga practices. Learn a routine of essential yoga postures to daily tune your body, create strength, balance, concentration and proprioception. Find out how to benefit from better breathing, how to de-stress, how to stretch and how to relax.During our retreats, delicious breakfast, lunch and / or vegetarian / vegan dinners are served every day. All meals are prepared by the restaurant chef.

Choose any of our scheduled days or contact us and customize your retreat.

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Calendar of Retreats


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