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We are honoured to offer a 3’5 day Tantric retreat in which we will connect with the Masculine and the Feminie energies within us to then merge them together with the divine.
Would you like to increase the awareness around your own energies and to understand how to use them in your daily life?
Do you sometimes get lost in your own flow, ending up doing what you didn’t really plan to do?
Instead… Feeling stuck in your mind or plans and being unable to adapt to the sudden changes?
Unaware of what unconscious patterns are dealing with your life right now? Or aware but unable to turn them around?
Are you struggling to understand yourself and your partner?
Craving to connect intimately & deeper with yourself, others or/and your partner?
Would you like to learn how to hold space for yourself and others?
This is a call to all who can say yes to one or more of these questions and who are ready to meet and connect with the energies within and to explore them with a group of people ready to open and expand their heart, to feel the power of being seen and to witness your utmost authenticity and the one of others.
A call to learn to raise your vibration to the FREQUENCY OF LOVE and ACCEPTANCE, awaken the WARRIOR and the PRIESTESS within you and expand your energy awareness
✨ An experience to help you walk the path towards your vulnerability
We are going to learn through various tools how to release the vital power that lives in you, the creative force that you have within and which may be frustrating to feel because at times it blocks you without leaving room for the clarity, creativity or vision to find your own truth.
We will do it through Breathing, Heart Meditations, Shadow Work, Movement, Tantric Arts, Heart Sharings and Emotional Releases.
The program is designed to heal our connection with the masculine and feminine energies that we all have. To access the inside of our magical bodies and to set the grounds for a deep healthy relationship between them.
This is a gentle yet powerful interactive retreat that will expand your awareness and connection to your deepest gifts and drives. There will always be a discussion on consent and boundaries if needed.
Ready to expand wide, to become a love & connection magnet?
Come as you are, women, men, couples, singles
Newbies & experienced Tantra souls
Reconnect with the sacredness of life and stay connected to your Divine Guiding Energy.
What are the benefits of participating in this retreat?
Leaving with a sense of internal peace and acceptance of yourself and where you are at
Gaining clarity on what’s next for you on your expansion and growth
Excitement and clarity about your current and upcoming relationships
Having a better understanding of all the energies around you and how to manage and play with them
Building a stronger connection with yourself, your purpose and these around you
Bringing bigger awareness of what is aligned for you and what is not in each moment
Creating a deeper connection with your intuition and healing powers
Boosting of your immune system
Having a feeling of love & connection all over you
Having a sense of freedom with and bunch of tools to expressing your truth
Program & Schedule:
Day 1.- Late afternoon to early evening event ( Sunset )
Welcome into the space, Opening the circle, Altar creation, Cacao drink and Intentions setting. 3,5 hours (Introduction and preparation to the three upcoming days of this training)
Day 2.- The Divine Masculine
Welcome to the space – Connecting to Love & the Cacao Spirit
Discovering, feeling & understanding the mysteries of the light Masculine
Lunch break
Discovering, feeling & understanding the mysteries of the dark Masculine
Embodiment of the Masculine
Day 3.- The Divine Feminine
Welcome to the space – Connecting to Love & the Cacao Spirit
Discovering, feeling & understanding the mysteries of the light Feminine
Lunch break
Discovering, feeling & understanding the mysteries of the dark Feminine
Embodiment of the Feminine
Day 4.- Divine Union
Welcome to the space – Connecting to Love & the Cacao Spirit
Deepening on the understanding of the M & F polarities and how they can make love to each other in and outside of ourselves.
Introducing, welcoming, allowing the Divine to be part of our daily life, how and why we should even do so? Discover if there is space for a deeper connection with it and how it looks like for you.
Divine Union Guided Meditation
Tantric Healing Dance
Lunch break
Closing Circle
please note we believe in fair economy and would like to include everybody who wishes to be part of this experience to be independently of their current situation, we encourage you to pick up the price you can afford at the moment having in mind you will help others who can’t afford this event to attend by picking the paid options plus you will support our work.
Regular Suggested Price: 250€ for the full Tantric Cacao Healing Experience. Please note that the regular cost of this experience is of +550€ without group restrictions. we have adjusted to actual economic difficulties in order to contribute to these challenging times.
Covid-19 affected Price: 150€ (3 spaces available) for the full Tantric Cacao Healing Experience
Assistant role: 90€ (1 space available), for one person who would like to save a little more money, you can offer some sort of energy exchange, you could help with promotion of the event and assistance on the day.
Tantric Warrior Pack: 450€ Including: Tantric Cacao Healing Experience + Access to Nerea’s Heart Expansion Online Group every Monday (Usual Price 55€) + a full 1:1 Coaching/ Tantric Healing session of your choice with Nerea (Usual price 300€) + Intro to Cacao Self-Healing Practice Coaching Session with Carlos (Usual price 150€). Regular cost of the entire pack would be +1055€
For any questions, information or other way of payments please:
Whatsapp: +34 621 209 640
The Facilitators:
Nerea’s BIO
Nerea Carryon’s sensitivity to penetrate people with her intuitive words and her love energy is just incredibly powerful.
After quitting her job in a corporate financial 2nd world lead brokers company Tullett Prebon 9 years ago, she became the Founder of The Happy World Company, which trains people to master self-confidence and create their most authentic heart centered lives.
She also created and founded Smiles for the World, a global connection movement dedicated to connecting people through smiles and spreading happiness, freedom and well being.
Her ‘Carryon’ method has inspired thousands of people to feel confident and happy with themselves, no matter where they are in life, and her unique radiance and authenticity shine through in everything she does.
Tantric priestess initiated in “Awakeland”, a tantric community in Portugal, where energy, love and sacred sexuality are her main topics. She has been guided toward energetic healing where the “Shamanic Heart Healing Ceremony” was born and where she combines muscle pressure, Reiki or universal energy healing, and sacred tantra techniques to help people release trauma, energy blocks and expand/open their heart.
She’s run more than 300 innovative workshops and talks, taking people through deep, life-changing journeys of self-realisation and discovery in the UK, Spain, Portugal, Australia, India, Thailand and has trained teams at companies like Google and Decathlon.
Author of the upcoming book “Live Life Your Way”, and runs several online Mentoring groups.
Nerea is also an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Master Practitioner Trainer, International certified coach and you can find her on YouTube, performing social experiments and sharing her gifts on the streets of London and around the world. She’s known for giving impromptu inspirational talks in public places, like the tube, in aeroplanes, and creating freedom movements.
The best way to know Nerea fully is on her Facebook personal profile @nereacarron, where she shares her full self and inspires others to be more authentic and real
Carlos’s BIO
Carlos Marcús, @turtle_gorilla_heart felt the call of the Cacao Spirit three years ago when he noticed that the dark chocolate he ate provided him with certain inner well-being that went beyond the consumption of sugar and the enjoyment of its flavor. In no time, he began to eat 100% pure, organic and as little processed Cacao as possible. Without knowing it, Carlos was being called by the spirit.
This growing connection led him to plan a trip to Central America and deepening into the culture and tradition around cacao. Due to life events, Carlos ended up attending a Cacao ceremony at the home of “Keith, the Chocolate Shaman” Keith’s Cacao home base on Lake Atitlán in Guatemala. In that ceremony Carlos experienced the healing properties of Cacao by opening his heart and releasing conflicts that were deeply anchored within him. Carlos also felt the energy of the Cacao spirit in his body and how it is channeled through him and the other members of the ceremony. From that experience, cocoa has been Carlos’s companion on his journey to the center of his heart and the beacon that has lit the path to discover and follow his soul purpose, helping people to connect with their heart by dissolving the layers of protection that life is creating around it.
The Cacao took Carlos into a journey of discovering himself, connecting to his deeper truth and opening the doors of the emerging “Men Work”, where Men from all over the globe are standing up for themselves by tapping into their own Masculinity and honouring their own truth from a position of Vulnerability, Love, Presence, Integrity, and Accountability.
Two years after the beginning of this path, Carlos has left behind a successful and recognized career in the events industry to follow his soul purpose. Carlos is now traveling with his caravan while sharing the spirit of Cacao with the world and offering his learnings and experiences with the Masculine and feminine energies.
In his ceremonies Carlos shares the ceremonial Cacao selected by Keith’s Cacao for its high energy and nutritional power and especially as a facilitator of heart opening and connection with the spiritual purpose that we all have.
“An indigenous myth tells that when the balance between man and nature is in danger, cocoa returns from the rain forests to open people’s hearts and restore the planet to its state of harmony” Keith, the chocolate Chaman.
Tantra Heart Expansion Workshop
Tirina (In Russian)
Intuitive Heart Healing 1:1 Session
Nerea Carryon Website
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Whatsapp `+34 621 20 96 40 (Francesca)
Whatsapp: +447577966292 (Carlos)

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