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Ashtanga Vinyasa Workshop

ANANDA LAIE RETREAT & STUDIO Vime La Reserva de Marbella, Urb. Reserva de Marbella, Ctra. Nac. 340, Km 193,6, 29600 Marbella, Málaga

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ASHTANGA Vinyasa YOGA with Mark Ansari and Raquel Salvador
Ashtanga Yoga is a science and practice that has evolved over thousands of years and aims at the moral, physical, mental / emotional and spiritual development of the human being.
The feature that truly distinguishes Ashtanga Yoga from other variants practiced today is its triple-focus system called tristana composed of
– The synchronization of movement and breathing, called vinyasa. The movement performed in the posture sequences (asana) generates heat and this, in turn, produces sweat. Sweat cleanses and purifies and initiates the release of retained toxins within the body’s superficial fat layers. As students deepen this practice, toxins retained in the deeper layers of muscle tissue and internal organs are also released, which helps the body stay healthy, toned, strong and flexible.
The power of Breathing is the key to this yoga system. Breathing in ashtanga (ujjayi) is energizing, soothing and meditative and its sound, volume and rhythm are very powerful.
– The use of the dristi, point of attention or focus on which we rest our eyes during the performance of asanas and vinyasas

– And the application of the internal energy bands or closures of our body
The ancient roots of Ashtanga Yoga are a sign of its potency and effectiveness; In fact, it has proven to be one of the methods of physical preparation and health care that has grown the most in today’s world. Indeed, Ashtanga Yoga is helping many people across the globe to balance the mental, physical and spiritual stress and pressure that the modern world in which we live undergoes.
Ashtanga Yoga can be practiced with any age and physical condition. Unlike what you usually think, you don’t need to be flexible! On the contrary, the less flexible people are the ones who get the most benefits.
Ashtanga Yoga is a practice that adapts individually to the abilities and needs of each one. A large number of people have joined this practice and enjoy its benefits; For many of them, Ashtanga Yoga is much more than a mere exercise: it is responsible for its vigor, ability to concentrate, well-being, body tone and peace of mind.

3 hours in which we will approach in a clear and simple way the theoretical principles and their application in practice.
1. What is Ashtanga Yoga, Sun Salutation A and B
2. The ujjayi breathing followed by its application during practice
3. Dristi,
4. Bandhas
5. Integration of the previous concepts in a guided class of Ahtanga vinyasa we end with savasana-yoga nidra
Members € 25
Non-members: € 30

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