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Every week we serve a different menu, cooked with love and in a slow slow way. Nutritious for the body, mind and senses. A menu that balances the doshas (the moods) and that will give you energy.

We serve the menu with homemade pickles and salad

Members menu 10€
Non-members 12€
Dessert at 2€ extra

Monday February 22
Artichoke stew with almonds and tofu *recipe from Granada city

Tuesday 23 February
Bean stew with black rice

Wednesday February 24
Seasonal baked vegetables and homemade cornbread

Thursday February 25
Vegan bolognese pasta, vegetable soup

Friday February 26
Indian food!
Kadhi with onion pakoras and white rice with vegetables

You can call us for more details.
Take-away available.
We can cook special meals according to your requirement.


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