Ananda Laie Summer Festival

This summer embark with us on an epic adventure: two whole months of yoga, outdoors activities, arts and parties!

Spirit of Joy

Whether you are looking to fuel your personal growth or for some crazy adventures in nature, be sure we have something planned for you.

From your favourite yoga classes to healing workshops, scuba-diving lessons, concerts and boat sailing, Ananda Laie has put together the best of what the Costa del Sol has to offer for you to connect to yourself and experience life at its fullest.

Inicio - Festivales Cuadrado

Join the celebration

At Ananda Laie, we believe in diversity and unity. That’s why our teachers and artists come from all over the world and the festival celebrates life and culture in all their forms.

Join our colourful community on a journey through the self and to the self, to dance, sing and heal together, to make the world a more loving place for all…and have a great time while doing it!

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