is a Humanitarian Organization founded in 2018

Ananda Laie was created with a deep purpose. We want to help people transform their world, inspire change and expand their consciousness.

We invest in projects that seek to improve people’s health, education and economic opportunities.

Our mission is to create leadership in coaching, yoga and meditation teacher training schools in Spain and South America and thus use these powerful and effective tools of self-awareness to stand firm in the face of conflict and transform the lives of young people in in South America.

Scholarship and volunteering programs  for training in coaching, yoga and meditation.

You are invited to a life-changing experience.

Now more than ever, the world needs people who love what they do. Are you passionate about yoga and wondering whether to become a yoga teacher?

This is an invitation for you to embrace what truly enlightens you and share it with the world, opening up a new world of professional opportunities and purpose.

Embark with us on this adventure, this is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of self-discovery.

Our Yoga Studio  holds space for you to learn, grow, become empowered, and to make real changes in your life.

We want you at Ananda Laie to feel comfortable and relaxed and welcome positive insight and transformation in to your life and those you share it with. Our  Yoga practices exist to assist you in expanding your consciousness, cultivating healthy habits and building emotional stability through opening your heart.

We are here to support you when needed, but also to help you to discover your own strength and power.

At Ananda Laie we believe each person should be their own leader and make your life the best it can be. We encourage you to call on the warrior spirit when needed, but also to rest in a state of surrender, acceptance,contentment and gratitude for what is. 

Namaste and welcome!

is a growing organisation of international innovative seekers, therapists, teachers, healers, musicians, artists and creative thinkers with one goal in mind: to help bring positive change to the world through our thoughts, words and actions.

“We have a story to tell. The story is about you, me and our journey together.”

Global Nomads Life

Embracing the Planet

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